In a normal society, everyone does not definitely have the opportunity to the same amount of wealth, exposure, treatment and care. The luxury a person can gain access to could determine to a large extent how good the person will look.

Some people are gifted with good looks, beautiful faces, and wonderful smiles, while some other people have the characteristics of the direct opposite. This is to the end that, everyone is not born and created to enjoy the same benefit on talent, gift and wealth, it only comes by chance.

The extent to which people go to keep up

Persons who are relatively rich in terms of economic standards, and are not physically good looking, could decide to make use of cosmetics and other very heavy make up just to look good by all means. Some persons even go to the extent of going through some medical surgeries, to make alterations to their physical appearance.

Why do people spend so much and pay so much attention to their appearance?

The way we present ourselves to the society sends a message at every point in time. Every society tends to have their standards on the definition of many things including people’s appearance.

In recent times, most societies place great value on the physical beauty of a person, than his or her intellectual property and skill, to the extent that some organizations decide not to employ some people for some specific position because of their lack of beauty. Such experience is very tragic, as beauty is supposed to be seen as insignificant and negligible when it comes to certain situations.

The implication of societal scrutiny concerning physical appearance

Paying close attention to fashion and trends in the society, we will see that what we call beauty standards are built on baseless fallacies, and as such they are unrealistic to follow. However, when you decide not to follow them, you tend to get kicked out and seem rejected.

One of the precedents of these societal standards is that, people who do not look too good are of lesser importance in the society. Another precedent of this is that the standards always increase and will always increase, so people just have to keep up with the trends.

The end result of all these is to make everyone look good and presentable at every point in time. So, for you to maintain or increase you value in the society you have to try as much as possible to get posted and current about what is acceptable in the society.