What Your Clothes Say About You

what your clothes sayWhether you know it or not, your clothes tell people you meet about yourself: your confidence, your neatness, and even your mental health. There are people who take interpreting people’s appearances very seriously, and you would be amazed how much you can deduce about a person simply by examining their appearance as a science. Most people do not scour the appearances of others for information about who they are, but everyone forms ideas about other people based on their appearance. Some of the things you can tell about a person simply by looking at them are as follows:

  • Their efficiency. Efficiency is a quality that everyone possesses to some degree, and this degree is reflected in our appearances. It is likely that the more attention to detail one puts into their appearance, the more efficient they are. For instance, when a person is well groomed and their clothes are well coordinated, fresh and pressed, it means that person managed their time well enough to make their appearance detail perfect before attending their engagement. If a person’s appearance is disheveled, it likely means their life is disheveled also.
  • Their level of effort. The other thing that a sloppy appearance can mean is that the person simply does not care to impress. This is even more offensive than a person who mismanaged their time. Someone who has the time and the wherewithal to dress and groom appropriately for an occasion, but does not, is unimpressive. It is those who put thought into their appearances who leave a positive impression on others.
  • Their mental health. This one is a little more open to interpretation, but it is accurate more often than not. Chances are, the worse someone’s appearance is, the worse off their mental health is. It is a basic concept. Someone who regularly has a messy, sloppy or disheveled appearance is somehow distracted from presenting themselves appropriately. It would be silly to assume that more responsibilities somehow come their way. Typically, what is taking place is that their lives are disorganized, chaotic and troubled because their personal mental health or the mental health of their collective support system is low.