Projecting Your Image

image projectionThe clothes we wear do not make us who we are, but they do say a lot about us. People are endlessly trying to understand one another, and one primary way of learning about one another is by interpreting each other’s appearances. The outfits we choose indicate to those around us what we value, how we live and how we may behave toward them. This is why it is important to be conscious of what the clothes we are wearing say to those around us. What we wear can have an impact on our reputations, our relationships and our personal success. In order to achieve most goals in life, appropriate clothing is an impassable barrier to those who do not pay attention to how they dress.

In order to project a desirable image with your clothing, you must consider what kind of image you want to project. Are you interviewing for an office job where business casual is the most appropriate attire? Are you attending a black tie event that calls for ball gowns and tuxedos? Or are you leading people on a hike, in which case cargo pants and hiking boots are most appropriate? Every individual occasion calls for a different outfit, and being judicial about what kind of outfit each occasion calls for will do you well in life. Think about what others will be wearing, what clothes you own, what clothes you need to buy and what you want others to think of your appearance at this event.

Next comes assembling and trying on the outfit. Choosing items that are a good fit for your size is essential. Mixing and matching color schemes is important to experiment with as well. Having a sense for which trends are popular will certainly matter to the success of your outfit. And do not forget to accessorize! Never under any circumstance forego trying the entire outfit on before wearing it.