Clothes and Apparel

apparel and clothesWhen you are trying to make a good impression on someone, you can be as courteous and cordial as any person can be, yet if you have put no effort into your wardrobe choices, you are very likely to make a bad impression. This is because people are very accustomed to examining a person’s wardrobe and physical appearance in order to understand them. This is not due to vanity or shallow values. We humans have evolved to evaluate one another based on our apparel. In ancient times, apparel would indicate what tribe or group a person would belong to, as well as their social status. This would inform others how to interact with them. These customs still inform the way we regard one another. Making a good presentation of one’s clothes earns respect while making a poor presentation of one’s clothes earns rejection. In order to earn the full extent of a person’s respect, do not neglect the appearance of your clothes. Put thought into choosing them and caring for them.

In order to ensure that your clothes are presentable, you need to put time, money and energy into them. Putting time into your clothes means thinking about what is appropriate for the occasion your are dressing for, planning ahead by coordinating your outfit and preparing all of its components. Everyone’s budget is different, which is why there are clothing options for every price range. Careful budgeting is essential to managing a full and complete wardrobe, and making sure you always have the wardrobe components you need. Energy goes into maintaining a personal wardrobe because going out to shop and try clothes on takes a great deal of energy. When an occasion is coming up that your are taking care to dress appropriately for, it is important to try the entire outfit on at least once, which can also consume your energy. Dressing well is a commitment, but considering the kind of respect it earns you, it is a worthwhile commitment.